Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More Musical Memories

I was a post-war baby, one of the now ageing baby-boomers. It was my generation that invented teenagers, fashion and pop music. As teens in the 1960s we enjoyed an amazing explosion of creativity, it was a great time to be alive and there seemed to be so much hope for the future.

In 1962 the Beatles arrived, and I think its fair to say that they made such an impact that music has never been the same since.

Most of my friends at the time had a favourite Beatle, there was a more or less 50/50 split between John lovers and Paul lovers, but my favourite was George, the quiet one.

This track blew my mind away when I first heard it, it was so unusual.

So many other groups had successful careers during those changing times, and its difficult to remember them all, but some of my favourites were Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Who (both of whom I saw in concert somewhere in East Ham, I think) and the Beach Boys, a real breath of fresh air from this enchanting place called America.

By the end of the 60s I was a married lady and during the 70s and early 80s most of my energies were taken up raising a family, fighting poverty (and my husband) and were generally not a particularly good time for me, and my musical memories are sparse, but then I discovered Fleetwood Mac and I was hooked again. To be fair, they had already been around for a while, but it was only in 1985 that I became aware of them, and the Rumours album just hit me sideways.

That brings me up to the mid-80s, when my life made a sudden turn for the better and music came back into it.

Come back for more musical memories tomorrow.


Chrissys4Cards said...

T. Rex and Fleetwood Mac for me. Sadly due to their recent greed my feelings for Fleetwood Mac have somewhat diminished. Marc Bolan was so so pretty.

karen said...

Love the Beach Boys one, always gets me dancing around. x

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

My favorite was Paul Anka - my girlfriend and I would lie on our backs on her bed - heads hanging down off the end of the foot of the bed - and listen for hours. Not sure why we did that - maybe he sounded even better that way. I got to see Paul Anka in concert about 6 years ago. It was amazing!!!! The crowd was full of 60 something people - lots of grey hair there - and bleached blond. One group even came in their "prom" clothes - in a limo. Loved the old songs - and he sang as great as ever.

Shirley said...

I was born in the 60's but I love The Beatles, two favourite tracks, are Something, written by George, and In my life.

Gillian said...

Well although I wasn't born when the first two tracks were released, I still love them. Timeless songs that will never date.

Thanks for the banana tip, by the way!

Gillian x

Mum said...

It was George for me and my favourite John Lennon song was Imagine.
Love from Mum

Lynne said...

I was a Paul fan!!

Fleetwood Mac was during my divorce period and raising young children LOL!!

Helen said...

great music from the beatles...a great era for music