Friday, 3 May 2013


I'm following a blog called Lucky Snapping in 2013, the lovely ladies there give us a prompt each week to blog about, and this weeks prompt is BIRTHDAY.

This a fairly appropriate blog subject for me right now, my own birthday is approaching, my sister's birthday is next week, my penpal's birthday soon after that, and my S-i-L's birthday later this month, plus I have a grandchild due next week (not counting my silver wedding anniversary later this month as well).

So, here are a few appropriate birthday photos, (not all taken by me).
This picture was taken a few years ago at my 60th birthday. The lovely lady on the left is my sister, Jan, who will be 60 on May 8th.

Here is the cake that was made for me, again for my 60th, by my lovely friend Joyce.

Tom and Catherine, whose baby is due very soon

I dont have a picture of my penpal Karen, but you can see her blog here. I wont tell you how old she will be, in case she doesn't want everyone to know, but to celebrate her birthday she'll be doing the Moonwalk, and you can donate to her Just Giving page here.


karen said...

Oh Joy, thank you for the mention and your support, greatly appreciated.

Your cake looks amazing, looking forwarad to hearing the birth news. xxx

Lynne said...

great that you have joined us for the Snapping challenge and an early happy Birthday to you and your friends xxx

I have sponsored Karen for her moonwalk already :)

Debbie said...

I was born in September, I celebrate the entire month!!

Have a happy weekend!!

JoyJoy said...

Your cake was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Borqna said...

Wonderful post! Congratulations!
  The cake is very beautiful! I am glad that you shared this with us.
Your good times can make our lives easier.
/I saw this yesterday but did not have time to write./

April.Grosvenor said...

Birthdays fell on the right week for you also I wish you many celebrations and thank you for joining in love april xxxx