Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spring Fest

Welcome to my Spring Fest, organised by Mum at Mum's Simply Living Blog

The summer seating has come out of hibernation and is sitting enticingly on the deck.

So come on in, sit down and enjoy a cuppa or something more interesting before we have a wander round.

Lets see what's on the plant stall. Oh, look, we have a very dark tulip just about to open, a really full daffodil, and lots of alyssum putting on a great show.

Now for a look at the bric-a-brac shelf in my studio, with a few of my favourite bits and pieces

and a closer view of my sky pictures, a photo of vapour trails and a couple of pen and ink drawings, all my own work

The toy stall is fairly empty as we no longer have children at home, but we have a few of my own toys on display here in one of my work baskets

the only item on the cake stall is this one, but at least it's calorie free!

This month is going to be mostly about celebrations, as my sister's 60th birthday is next week, and my newest grandchild is due on the same day, so parcels are packed and ready to go.

and my own birthday is today (separate blogpost soon)

Spring crafts are still at the planning stage, but here we have an old curtain and an old pair of jeans, ready and waiting to be made into something (again, this will be a separate blogpost, hopefully later this month).

So, now you've had a quick look around, if you fancy another cuppa we'll have to go back outside to the deck, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing, and a lazy day is on the cards.

Thanks for visiting, now I'm sure you would love to pop along here and visit some other Spring Fests. Hope you all enjoy your day.

Joy xx


Mum said...

Joy, double celebrations then! Happy Birthday and Happy Spring. I'll join you on the deck later. Thank you for joining in.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I too am having a lazy day.

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday! I've popped by while visiting the Spring Fest stalls. I will be popping back! Lesley

Carol said...

Happy birthday Joy.

I enjoyed the look-a-round and I love the cupcake pin cushion.

Jane and Chris said...

Visiting for Spring Fest.Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your cocktails...had I known it was your birthday I would have got hubby to invent one just for you!
This was a treat for me as I spent a lot of time in West Lavington as a child, my Grandma lived there.I have very fond memories of Wiltshire.
Jane x

Lizzy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.
Thank you for inviting me to your garden party, I enjoyed looking at all the stalls!!!!!!!!!!
Lizzy x

Ellie said...

Oh I had fun visiting your spring fest. I hope you get lots of use of your garden chairs this summer.
Happy birthday to you hope you had a wonderful day :))

Chrissy C said...

Fab tour - always nice to be nosy and see what other people collect.