Thursday, 30 May 2013

Walking home from the pub

Our local pub is The Fox and Hounds. It's not the closest, but it is the nicest we've found so far. It's not too far to walk, we just go down through the park to the road and up the hill, it takes about 12 minutes. Sometimes though, particularly this time of the year when it's not muddy underfoot, its nice to come back a different, quieter, way which takes us through Smallbrook Meadows, a local wildlife reserve. This picture shows the park in the valley, with houses on the top of the hill on the other side - that's where we live.

Smallbrook Meadows lie to the East of the park, to the right of the above picture.

We go through the kissing gate and down into the valley (we dont kiss though, too old for all that nonsense!)

At the bottom of the hill we are quite close to the far end of the park on our left

and on our right, the River Were (from which Warminster gets its name) and the open area of the nature reserve.

The footpath takes us across the valley between the park and the Meadows

and when we get to the other side its uphill all the way home. We could go up the steps

but we prefer to walk up the slope.

Almost at the top now, and then we'll be home. Time for lunch.


karen said...

that looks like a lovely walk there and back.x

Chrissys4Cards said...

What a fabulous area to live. My dog would love that. I love the way that almost always a pub or a glass of something appears in your photos - do you have something to tell us Mr and Mrs Shallcross!!

joy said...

Chrissy, you have us sussed! We unashamedly love a drop of beer, wine or the odd gin and tonic, and we love good old fashioned pubs - not that many of them survive these days :-(

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a charming walk, so calm and beautiful.

Gillian said...

That looks like a lovely walk, especially the pub bit.

Thanks for your advice on covering my strawberries nets, by the way.

Gillian x