Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First Fast Day Diary

Rather than wait for the full 24 hours to pass and then write about it, I thought better to write as I go along, so the experience is still fresh in my mind.

10.30 I had breakfast as usual at 7am, we nearly always have a cooked breakfast, GM is in the chair. I had explained to him my intentions for the day, so he quite happily cooked my request of grilled potato waffle (approx 100 kc), portion of low sugar baked beans (approx 80 kc) and half a grilled tomato (virtually zero calories), with a glass of fresh orange juice (approx 50 kc), I'd already had two cups of tea with milk in bed and another cup of tea after breakfast, I'm guessing the milk in the cups of tea is approx 15 calories per cup, so thus far I've had a total calorie intake of roughly 275, which is about half of my anticipated daily total.

I decided to walk to the supermarket (Morrisons, for Mrs. Dancing) quite early this morning just in case I felt a bit weak later in the day, and I bought myself a few low calorie items to enhance my lunch and tea - a pack of beanshoots, a red pepper, a tin of mixed bean salad - and I've just got back home and put the shopping away. Normally at this time of day I would have a banana or a cracker or two with cream cheese, but so far I dont feel the need.

I dont feel hungry, but what I am finding is that I cant stop thinking about food, it is uppermost in my mind, and I cant shake it off. I really need now to find some displacement activity to focus on. Ironing maybe? I dont think so. Perhaps I'll sit down and start writing to my penfriend.

14.00 Had lunch at 12.30, a huge plateful of calorie free salad, with a small amount of cold left-over potato (carbohydrate) and a desertspoonful of the mixed bean salad (protein) - all this for only roughly 50 calories, look

It doesn't look a lot different to the lunches I have most days, but usually there would be some ham, or tuna, grated cheese or hard boiled egg, plus coleslaw and some branston pickle. I ate it all very slowly and chewed every mouthful 27 times (well that may be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.) Total calories so far today 325, which doesn't leave me very many for tea!

I'm quite pleased that I dont feel at all hungry, even though I'm still thinking about food. A lot. I wrote for about half an hour this morning, and I've just spent about half an hour doing some photo editing - basically so I could show the above photo! Today hasn't been terribly active, but its a very cold day so I dont feel any desire to spend time in the garden. Not quite sure what I'm going to do this afternoon, there's still the ironing waiting, and that shouldn't be too active, so maybe its time to tackle that. I quite often suffer a 4 pm droop, so will have to wait and see how I feel in a couple of hours time.

16.00 So far so good, no droop, I'm not feeling hungry and I've managed to stop myself from thinking about food all the time, but never-the-less I think I'm going to have an orange now, 40 calories, which will leave me the grand total of 135 calories for tea.

17.15 My tea is very carefully measured out. I'm cooking homemade burgers in buns for GM and GT, with spicy potato wedges and ratatouille, and I'm having a few wedges (weighed on the scales) 60 calories, a serving of ratatouille, about 10 calories, and some more of my tin of mixed bean salad, roughly 80 calories. This will take my total for the day up to 515. I think I'll call that a result! I'm just about to start cooking now, and I still dont feel hungry, which really surprises me.

I've just chosen my breakfast for tomorrow morning (bacon, egg and hash brown), which is now only just under 14 hours away, 8 of which I'll be asleep.

19.00 and I've finished eating for the day. I'm extremely pleased that I've done it without feeling hungry at any time at all, although how I shall feel by breakfast time tomorrow remains to be seen!

I'm delighted that, apart from the milk in my tea, its been a vegan day, and also an alcohol-free day, so that's a bonus.

Tuesday 8.00

I slept well and woke at the usual time, and still didn't feel hungry, much to my surprise. So I'm feeling happy that I coped with my first fast day. It purposely wasn't a highly active day, as I didn't want to risk burning up a load of calories I didn't have to spare and then feeling hungry, I just did all the usual everyday things, a bit of laundry, bedmaking, a bit of light shopping, paperwork etc.

This morning I had a proper breakfast

and now, would you believe, I am feeling peckish, not hungry hungry, but just as if I need a little bit more in my tummy. The challenge for today will be to not overeat to compensate for yesterday!

When I start this regime in earnest, on 1st July, I shall, for the most part, designate Mondays and Thursdays as fasting days, but as we are driving to North Wales on Friday of this week and I usually share the driving, I dont think it would be a good idea for me to attempt that with low blood sugar levels, so instead I'll have my next fast day tomorrow, Wednesday.


Janice said...

Hi Joy. Just to clarify, Fasting days means NO FOOD between breakfast and nighttime dinner. No lunch of any type or anything during the day, just water or black tea/coffee". It's not a case of spreading out 500 calories during the day but having a long fast.. That fast is what puts the body's repair mode into action and it starts to repair cells and your cholesterol etc benefits along with any cancerous cells getting repaired and prevention of diabetes. Originally the weight loss was just a side effect! :)
Good luck..xxx. Janice

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the double comment yesterday - there was a hitch and I thought I'd lost it (don't!)

I'm interested to see how you get on with this - my son-in-law has followed it and I keep meaning to ask whether he has felt the benefit. He's 6'5" and long and lean anyway but he thought he needed to lose a little weight! I could do with losing a few pounds but am wary of the 'light-headed' feeling I get when I go too long without food.

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
I tried this but found I couldn't do the fasting thing as I got light headed and felt yuck! I decided to eat less on two days a week, cutting my calories, but making sure I still had some food throughout the day. If the fasting thing works for you, great, but it definitely doesn't for me. I started this regime last August and have lost half a stone, but what is better, it has kept off. I haven't upped my exercise, which would no doubt give me better results, but I do walk when I can.
Good luck and to stick with it, find a way it works for you.
Best wishes

Mum said...

Sounds like a good start. Well done.
Love from Mum

karen said...

Well done Joy for starting this do hope it works for you. xx