Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to find me . . .

. . . if you currently use the one that wont be there tomorrow!

I'm fairly sure I've put myself on bloglovin' so you should be able to find me there, or if not then just "follow" me here by clicking on my follow button down below, then each time you check your blogger dashboard, you should find any updates.

Would be sorry to lose you, I'm following loads of you, a couple of hundred I think, and I just check into blogger dashboard each morning and there you are.

Wanda isn't on bloglovin' but you can find, and follow, her here.


Tracy said...

I'm completely confused by the whole google reader thingy ma bob!!! not really sure what will happen tomorrow but guess i will just have to wait and see xx

Jean said...

I went onto my dashboard and the ones I follow have all gone!
Still, at least I can now go and choose the ones I regularly follow.
Welcome back Joy.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I use - have for several years - I put on it the blogs I want to follow and they appear when there is a new post - I don't have to worry about something or someone else tending to it - I do it myself and adore it.