Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just a random post to show off some pictures of various stuff

The first radish from the garden

ditto strawberries, from the conservatory

I've just bought this yarn to knit the granddaughters a pair of matching jumpers for the winter.

This was my deck yesterday morning after some overnight rain

On Monday we went to Bristol to help GO move from a single room to his new flat, he says he wont miss any of his house-mates, but he will miss Nanook, who is gorgeous.

A couple of very unusual looking trees opposite GO's old digs

And lastly, here's one for you to puzzle over


Tracy said...

Is the last one taken through a fly screen???

joy said...

Yes, Tracy, well deduced. xx

Lizzy said...

needed to put our fly screen up at the weekend, but they have all gone away again as it is soooo cold. I shouldn't be going out in winter boots and coat in the middle of June!!

Chrissys4Cards said...

Gorgeous doggy. I thought the last one looked like a picture you get on cross stitch before you started adding the threads.