Saturday, 1 June 2013

Once a month for a whole year, Month 10, June

View 1. The garden

with May's view for comparison. At long last things are starting to grow.

View 2. The Park

again, with May's view for comparison

Everything so much greener after the coldest spring in over 30 years.


Lyn said...

Nature has a way of catching up...lets hope we get a good summer! X

Mum said...

I hope the summer's blooming beautiful.
Love from Mum

Chrissys4Cards said...

Bout time too eh?

Ellie said...

It is amazing what a difference a few weeks makes isn't it?

Hurray for summer!! :)

Lizzy said...

At last things are getting a greener!

Busy Little Chicken said...

OOooh, so nice to see some things growing at last, isn't it!! Here's to more sunshine!! :)