Sunday, 28 July 2013

Love of Knitting - Learn to Knit Lace. Free ebook review

I recently had an email from the Online Media Co-ordinator of Love of Knitting, asking me to review one of their ebooks. Now I'm a "real" book fan, I much prefer reading in an armchair or in bed, to reading a "book" on my PC, but then I'm an old fashioned being, I don't own one of these fancy pads or pods, or whatever they are, that you can take to the beach or whatever, so I may be slightly prejudiced. However, I agreed to give it a go, and here it is.

The book is "Learn to Knit Lace"

It consists of 9 pages, and includes 3 patterns - an Espalier Wrap, Cielo Shell (a sleeveless top) and a lace linen trim. I have to admit that I simply haven't had the time to try out the patterns, but having scanned them a couple of times, I think they would prove to be manageable by a fairly accomplished knitter, bearing in mind that they appear to come from an American source, so some of the terminology is slightly different to UK terminology, for instance we cast off, they bind off.

This is a free publication, all you have to do is follow this link to download your own copy, so if you are thinking of teaching yourself to knit lace, this would be as good a place to start as any.

I received a free copy of this e-publication for review purposes.


karen said...

Hmm I am very much like you, prefer to have the book in my hands not on a screen, much easier to keep picking up and referring to. xx

Chrissys for Cards said...

I still prefer the old paper version, but do have an ipad now and must admit I have got used to it and have found some free ebook sites as I go through so many it is a cheap way of reading, especially if my Library does not stock what I want.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great review - looks like an interesting book. I, unlike the others - adore the Kindle Fire - it was a gift to Don from our son who works for Amazon in WV - Books are delivered to the kindle instantly - the "cover" "holder" for the kindle looks and feels like a book - when you close it the kindle goes off - when you open it - it turns on - very clever.

It is lit from behind so you can read outdoors even in bright sunlight - you can change the font size and the brightness. If you borrow a library book for kindle and don't finish it in time, and need to check it out at a later date, the kindle will take you to exactly were you were last reading - no more losing your place.

You can check out library books and there are thousands of good free books to read, besides the ones for purchase.

If you don't know the definition of a work you hold down on the word with your finger until the word turns black - lift your finger, and the built in dictionary gives you the definition - pretty clever.

It is lightweight, you can load tons of books on it and only have to carry one little kindle. I thought at first that I wouldn't like it - but the very first time I tried it I was hooked. And, no, I don't get paid for this - I just love our kindle - and you can play word games on it too - such a nice little kindle.