Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ten on the tenth

I dont get the opportunity to cook FO's breakfast very often

big eyes (all the better to see you with Nanny)

granddaughter's foot

my flipflops

watering finished

FO's new car


current reading material

new dining room lampshade

If you take it from that side they'll think I'm 83!

Joining in with Rebekah's Ten on the tenth, click to see the other entrants.


Chrissys for Cards said...

Fab shots as always

Fundy Blue said...

Lovely photos, especially the baby! Have a good one!

Mommy Girl said...

very fun! precious baby!

viv said...

Great photos. Your granddaughter is beautiful

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those eyes are amazing! And the feet, too cute!