Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Bloggy Blanket has left the building

The Bloggy Blanket was started by Mum at Mum's Simply Living Blog.

I received it sometime last week from Julia at Peacock Blue, together with a few lovely bits and pieces from her stash

I had these few granny squares already sitting around in my studio waiting for something to come along

so despite the heat, I sat one evening and added them on. The blanket now looks like this

and has been posted on to Peg. If you would like to add a few squares, you can read all about it and contact Mum here.


Crafty in the Med said...

Great to see Joy that the bloggy blanket is slowly but surely getting bigger.
Those are Lovely pastel colours to add contrast.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Mum said...

Joy, thank you for braving the heat to add your squares to the Bloggy Blanket. Your heroism has not gone un-noticed! I shall update the BBC page despite the warmth and the cat on my lap making me hotter than ever.
Love from one sweaty crocheter to another.

Kat Sighs said...

What a wonderful idea! I wish I could knit/crochet so I could join in. I love the idea of everyone adding something to make a whole beautiful piece x

Hannah said...

It's looking lovely. If i could knit/crochet i would!