Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

With just over a fortnight left to complete Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt (here), I had to cheat a little bit to get some of the required items.

No.15. Fire truck or police car. In all my travels I haven't seen one of either, so in desperation I've taken a photo of this photo on the back page of our local paper.

No. 16. Windmill. I meant to take a photo of the toy windmill my son had in his lounge, but forgot, and the only windmill in Wiltshire is more than several miles away from where I live and with no other excuse to go in that direction it simply wasn't worth using the petrol, so instead I found this in my card box.

No.5. Sunset. I've already shown one, but this one was so spectacular I just had to show it

11. Animal in zoo, aquarium or nature reserve. Actually this isn't in any of these, it's in a field in Wales, just outside Portmeirion.

And now I have only one picture left to find, and that shouldn't be too difficult, it's a picture of me with an artistic tool or craft supply, will have get my crochet hook out this evening.


karen said...

A great selection of finds.xx

Chrissys for Cards said...

One has to do what one has to do!! Clever interpretation anyway.

Fundy Blue said...

Great creativity in solving challenges! This is actually a metaphor for getting through life ~ doing what you have to do to make things work! Take care!

Eileen T said...

Well done, Joy. I' m starting to look for creative solutions as well - I've left things to the last minute and am running out of time!!

Louise said...

Great ways to get those photos x

Gillian said...

Gosh you had some tricky ones there! I'm not sure I'd have found a windmill anywhere near me, and you never see a fire engine or police car until they are rushing past you with sirens blazing.

Thanks for your tomato advice too, very much appreciated. x

Maria Ontiveros said...

YOu're doing great! Can't wait to see you with your crochet hook. I still need a zoo animal.

joy said...

I've put the sheep in, Rinda, instead of the zoo animal. Saw it while on holiday in Wales, in fact saw loads of them, but this is the best picture.
Joy xx