Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I haven't shown you my bedroom yet . . .

. . . and I'm not going to show you it now, but watch this space for developments.

Our house in Surrey had fitted wardrobes in the main bedroom, our short-term rental house in Trowbridge likewise, and our house in Devizes also, but this house?
No, nothing - except a nice big space ready and waiting.

So this is where we've been storing our clothes for the last 18 months,

an old wardrobe that used to be in GT's room, a tall chest of drawers that was in GO's room, a shorter chest that was in our room and a hanging rack that I've had for yonks.

But all that is about to change, yesterday we had a delivery

so you can guess what GM will be up to over the next couple of weeks.

Right, I'm off now to polish up his screwdrivers.


About JollyJilly said...

I'm waiting on my new kitchen joy so be joining the cupboard chase myself. We will have to exchange pictures once we are done lol xx

Patricia said...

Good luck with the wardrobes Joy and await to see the results. Have fun.
Patricia x

Mum said...

Go to it GM!
Love from Mum

viv said...

Looking forward to seeing the wardrobes when they are built.

Chrissys for Cards said...

Enjoy. Our dining room table and chairs arrived today. Whilst the table was being assembled (not by us luckily) with an almighty crash the middle fell to the floor ripping a chunk out of the side!! Seems a bit of a bad manufacturing problem - always seems to be us. So now waiting for new one in November. Meanwhile bought a wall clock - put battery in when we got home - yep did not work - so back we went. Story of our life - it would be a miracle for something to actually work first time we get it home.

Busy Little Chicken said...

Polish those screw drivers good!! Looking forward to seeing your 'new look' bedroom Joy ! :) x

Down by the sea said...

Good luck with the screw drivers! I'm glad my post brought back happy memories for you.
Sarah x