Saturday, 19 October 2013

Kitchen Swap

Some time ago I entered Kimberley's Kitchen swap, and I was partnered with the lovely Tracy of Mad About Bags. I've been lucky enough to have Tracy as a swap partner before, and I know she is a very generous partner to swap with, so when she emailed me to say that she was very busy, and my swap gift might take a little longer than usual, I was quite happy to wait. And the wait was certainly worth it.

My package arrived yesterday, and I opened it excitedly to find this.

The swap involved four categories. The first was a kitchen accessory, so I was delighted to find these lovely stacking containers (which I might sneekily keep in my studio).

The next category was a consumable, I think Tracy must know me quite well, I'm a real tea lover.

Category three was a tea-towel, and Tracy sent me not one, but two, how generous is that? The first depicts Country Houses of Essex - the county of my birth, the second depicts Wildlife of Wiltshire - my current home county.

The fourth and final category was something hand made, and again Tracy's generosity knows no bounds, as she sent me one of her fabulous grab-bags

and this, isn't it just lovely, and is most definitely going to be hung on the door of my studio, Green Man is already instructed to fix me a hanging for it. I'm also going to photograph it properly later on and use it as my new blog header.

 Also included in the package was this lovely card

I had also asked Tracy if she had any blue fabric scraps that I could have for a project I intend to start over the winter months, and she very kindly included this pile for me.

Thank you Tracy for once again being a very generous swap partner.


Chrissys for Cards said...

Fabulous swap

Tracy said...

Hi Joy I'm so glad you liked everything and it was worth the wait!! The header looks great! xx

Eileen T said...

I love the Daisy Row embroidery.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Wonderful gifts for the swap! I love the Daisy Row embroidery.

Lotti said...

What a fantastic swap and I just love the embroidery ... so simple and so pretty.

Jille said...

What lovely gifts. You have been very lucky. Tracy is very talented and the embroidery is really cute. She is a very generous swap partner. xx

karen said...

What a wonderful selection of swap gifts. Love them all, but the bag looks gorgeous. xx