Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mum's Virtual Tea Party

I've had this date on my calendar for ages, and I've really been looking forward to participating. I did a bit of preparation earlier in the week, and then fully intended to do the final "niceties" yesterday. However, yesterday I didn't feel too good, with a sore throat, headache and general run down sort of feeling, so for a while I took to my bed. This morning I'm feeling a whole lot better than I expected to feel, and for that I am extremely grateful, however it leaves me in the position of hosting a virtual tea party with not much preparation done, so please excuse me.

I did get some invitations written out earlier in the week,

I bought some mince pies

and a bottle of pseudo Baileys (it tastes like Baileys as long as you have a good enough imagination and dont look at the label on the bottle, and its about a quarter of the price, so you can drink 4 times as much).

However, if you would prefer a nice cuppa then I'll just pop out to the kitchen and put the kettle on.

I can offer you PG Tips

or a lovely English breakfast blend.

I think as its a special occasion we'll use the nice china cups and saucers that I inherited from my Grandmother, would you like the willow pattern or the hand painted florals?

I'm sorry, I really didn't feel up to baking yesterday, so it's mince pies or biscuits with your tea or Irish. Please come and sit in the front room, do you like the cushions I made? I'm afraid the Green Man doesn't like them, so most of the time they are hidden from view.

I have to admit they are a bit garish. Oh well, never mind.

Thanks so much for calling in, it was lovely to see you, please come again soon.

Daisy x x

Please pop round to Mum's blog and catch up with all the other participants.

A big thank you to Mum for organising this Virtual Tea Party.


Cathy said...

Hello Joy
Now I've got my dishes done I can visit everyone else to see how their day went.
I'd love a cup of tea and seeing as the festive season is nearly here I could practice getting into the swing of things by having a mince pie!
Love the willow patten crockery
Take care

Carol said...

Hi Joy. Nice to meet you. Hope you feel better soon.
A nice cup of breakfast tea in the hand pated cup with a biscuit would be very nice. I love the bright cushions.

karen said...

Well it will have to be English breakfast in a handpainted cup for me please and a biccy. Thank you so much. xxx

Chrissys for Cards said...

As I have a sweet tooth it has got to be the mince-pies (two please) and a couple of biccys with a nice cup of english breakfast in the handpainted cup, pretty please. I will wear my sunglasses whilst sitting next to the cushions - lovely colours, but not quite my favourite colour.

BadPenny said...

My first mince pie this year ( am I supposed to make a wish ? )
A cuppa please as can't really cope with Baileys these days though did like it in my twenties.
Thank you for having me x

Lyn said...

Lovely tea party, thank you for inviting us! X

Mum said...

Just the everyday tea for me please and yes I will have a mince pie if you have enough to go round. It's rather bright in your front room so I'll just stay here and admire your china. The floral ones are my favourite. I've never tasted Baileys so perhaps I'll come by later. It's a bit early even for me!
Love from Mum

Crafty in the Med said...

hello Joy

I'd love a cup of tea please in your willow pattern china. That brings back so many memories. My mother had a full set and I always associate it with her every-time I see it. :-)
IMO your cushions are not garish! I think they add a nice spot of colour to the settee.

Perhaps I can tempt you to call in to have some chocolate and churros which I'm preparing over at my place and am offering to all Mum's other guests too.
Hope you are starting to feel better...a nice cup of tea works wonders.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Joanne Retzler said...

Hello, Joy!
I would love an English Breakfast tea with a mince pie! Please! I hope you are feeling better, so you can enjoy others' offerings as well. Your pillows are a bit bright, but I like them anyway. They brighten up your sofa. We need color in our lives! Have a great day! xxoo. JO

Jane and Chris said...

Visiting from Mum's to say hope you are feeling better..I've got plenty of goodies so I'll bring some over.Flowery cup for me please!
Jane x