Monday, 21 October 2013

My weekend

It rained

One of the pubs in town, The Old Bell Inn, has been closed for a while for refurbishment and reopened last weekend with an evening of free drinks and canapes. Never knowingly refusing a free drink, we popped down to nab ours wish them well. They gave us some tickets for extras, one of which was a half price meal during the first week, so on Saturday we popped down to take advantage of this offer. The menu was fairly extensive, catering for varied tastes and included some vegetarian options. This is what I chose:

bangers and mash with cabbage, and over there you can see GM's choice, a BLT panini:

GT was with us too, he chose an Aberdeen Angus Beefburger.

I couldn't quite manage the whole of my two sausages (this was a small version, heaven knows how huge the large version would have been) and I left some of the mash, as I really wanted to have a (half price) dessert to round off my meal, here 'tis:

GT chose chocolate brownie with custard. And the whole meal cost us approx £16.00 - I'd call that a result.

And still it rained

On Sunday I made a pasty pie, using swede from the garden

and still it rained

I quite like the surreal effect of the reflections in the above picture taken through the conservatory door,

and still it rained.

How was your weekend?


Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Our weekend was less wet than yours but it is making up for it today! We had veggie sausages, mash and cabbage yesterday. I have been indulging myself and doing some creative things over the weekend, but, with hindsight, I should have emptied the compost bin and done some mulching on Sunday when the weather was so nice!
Have a good week
Best wishes

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Good bargains from the pub then, and it looks delicious. It's still raining here in the Midlands :(
Suzy x

linda said...

That looks like a yummy meal, especially liked the look of dessert,it rained all weekend here too with a little sunshine peeping through now and then. :)

Sandie said...

Meals look good Joy, that's a nice way to reopen and bring in customers.
Love your photos of the rain and yes, the double glazing does have a surreal effect. We didn't have as much rain as you. In fact Sunday afternoon was dry and sunny for a few hours. I took my daughter and 3 granddaughters to the local horse sanctuary. Lucky for us rain did not stop play!

karen said...

Mmmm those sausages and mash look lovely. A lovely welcome back from the pub to the locals. x

Patricia said...

WET most of the time Joy, although we did manage a trip up to London on Saturday and spent time browsing around Spitalfields and Brick Lane whilst dodging the showers. As for today - not good especially at school run time!
Patricia x

Mum said...

Rainy and it's still raining.
Love from Mum

Tracy said...

Great post and your lunch looks delicious, especially the dessert! Wow! You did get a lot of rain didn't you. xx