Friday, 4 October 2013

New doors

Our kitchen is also a passageway, in order to get to the back door, the utility room or the garage, you have to pass through it. We have a door at each end, neither of which is completely satisafactory.

The door to the lobby, and thus to the utility room, back door and garage, opens inwards and bangs into anyone who is unlucky enough to be standing by the sink, and completely hides anyone sitting at the end of the breakfast bar.

(You can see that the catflap has already been removed, which completely confused poor Cassie, she really wasn't sure about going through an unflapped hole!)

The door into the kitchen from the entrance hall needs to be closed when smelly cooking (fish, curry etc) is going on, to stop the smells rising upstairs, but there is no catch to hold it closed, and when it's open it wont go right back against the wall because that really is the only space in the kitchen for the bin.

 Solution: a pair of bi-fold doors

 Problems solved, job done (apart from a lick of paint and a new catflap).


Janice said...

Good thinking, bat woman!!

Chrissys for Cards said...

Excellent. our kitchen almost finished. we too have a few problem bits to sort later.

karen said...

Great solution, they look good as well. xx

Tracy said...

They look really good Joy, a job well done!