Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October views from my windows

This is the view from my studio, overlooking the decking and pergola. The jasmine and wisteria have just had their autumn haircut.

The view from the bedroom window, which shows the original colour of the brickwork, this area is usually covered by one of the cars, so it hasn't weathered like the rest.

From the front room you can see a small area of newly removed grass, where I've put a jasmine plant that was growing too big for its pot, I included a few narcissus bulbs in the hole for some spring colour.

From the kitchen window, the garden is now preparing itself for the oncoming autumn and winter, the newly moved fig tree is already shedding its leaves, the pergola has had a trim, and the grass has had its final cut of the year.

Pop your head out of the back door and look to your right, and here is what you will see.

This little area of the garden is still full of colour, the nasturtiums have put on a magnificent show all summer, and are still going strong.


Patricia said...

Love these views from your window Joy. What a mass of colour you have and it's so pretty. Mine is beginning to be on the wane a bit now but there is some colour left in my pots. Might post about it later.
Patricia x

Chrissys for Cards said...

Lovely pictures. So nice to still have some colour at this time of year. I have a few plants still going, but generally everything is beginning to shut down for the winter now. Not sure if it is the final lawn cut Joy if it remains mild. We keep saying that's it now, but in a few days it shoots up again.

joy said...

If my gardener (the Green Man) says that's the last cut, then that's it!

karen said...

can't believe you still have so much colour - so jealous. Great views, it is going to be interesting watching these change. xx

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

I love the last one! Happy new month!

viv said...

What a lovely garden you have.

viv said...

What a lovely garden you have.

Eileen T said...

The garden is still looking lovely with plenty of colour. did you build your own raised beds, or by the frames?

joy said...

Rog made the raised beds from lengths of timber, they are temporary and will only last a couple of seasons, hopefully by then we'll have our permanent ones, which we'll make from railway sleeper type timber, but I got the idea for these from seeing interior door frames used in new build houses, which you might be able to buy from a builders merchant. They would need treating with some sort of preservative, I guess for external use.

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Joy
Many thanks for showing us around your place. I actually really like it if a blogger shows where they live. I'm a very visual person and images tell me a lot and also rev up the curiosity and imagination! :-)

Love the garden. It does look spacious, although compared to my balcony patch a square metre plot would look spacious!
You'd think living here in Spain a Jasmine creeper would grow like mad ...and actually they do except in my hands. They just don't like me everyone I have had it has died on my tch!!! It is so annoying as Jasmine keeps mosquitos away. I'm quite envious that you have no problems with your.
Is that an annexe you've got at the end of your garden. Love the pergola!!

keep well

Amanda :-)