Friday, 11 October 2013

Ten on the Tenth

What a ridiculous time to be awake!

Green Man may get up at silly o'clock, but he always brings me a cuppa in bed

I'm having a bit of a lie in, so Cassie comes to remind me that she needs to be fed,

as does GT, who has a long shift today.

After all that, there's still time to enjoy the sunrise

Washed glasses waiting to be put away, caught in the sunlight through the kitchen window.

A great time of day for a mathmagician

First outing for my new trainers

My intention was to photograph the tree bark, but the background was what took my eye when this picture was being edited

And lastly our dining room lampshade, it's now dark by the time we have tea.

To see the other Ten on Tens, please visit Rebekah's "A bit of Sunshine" here. I chose not to follow the Pumpkin Spice prompt as my attempt to grow a pumpkin this year was a dismal failure! Enjoy.


Chrissys for Cards said...

Ooh a bit early for me too. Nice pictures as always.

karen said...

Often see the alarm clock announcing that time but do my best not to surface. Nice selection of photos. xx

Busy Little Chicken said...

Is there two 5 o'clocks in one day??? Hee hee :)

Patricia said...

Yes I definitely think I'd turn over and ignore the time, maybe catch another couple of hours sleep if I were lucky. Lovely photos Joy.
Patricia x

Mum said...

I could just eat that great breakfast.
Love from Mum

Sandie said...

That's my usual time to get up on workdays... so I am enjoying a week off and getting up at a more leisurely time.
Love your photos - especially the shiny glasses and the tree bark. I see what you mean about the background, funny how we miss something when our eye is elsewhere. A bonus shot!!

Tracy said...

Great photos and that time is in the middle of the night!

viv said...

Definitely too early for me. If I wake at that time I turn over or get my book too read.