Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo a day for November, third instalment

Prompts as before from FatMumSlim

16. Play - by Shakespeare

17. 5 o'clock (a.m.)

18. Mirror - passenger side of my car on a trip out to Horningsham

19. Where I ate my breakfast - here at home

20. Communication  - the phone extension on my desk.

21. I wish I had this - I'm extremely lucky in that I dont really have a need for anything, but if I did , it would be the same as Eileen.

22. Behind - Cop Heap is visible behind the town.

One more instalment to come, watch this space.


karen said...

Another great selection, not only do we have the same staircase but we have the same phone as well lol. x

Ali said...

Hello Joy, The Romeo and Juliet play looks interesting, I'm guessing it's a modern version. You must be an early bird up at 5.
Ali x