Thursday, 7 November 2013

Photo a day for November

I'm joining in with Fat Mum Slim's Photo a day for November, in an effort to regain a bit of interest in my photography as my mojo has been a bit AWOL for the last couple of months.

I'm not quite yet ready to post every day, so I thought I would take the photo each day and post up once a week.

So here are the first seven:

1. Fruit, a banana for my mid-morning snack.

2. I did this today, priced up my Phoenix Christmas card stock

3. P is for . . . . pussy cat

4. Table, in our dining room. Most of the time there's only two, or at most three,
of us eating here, but it comes into its own when we have family to visit.

5. I collect . . . . beer mats (among various other things). There is a name for it, and I think it starts with G, but I cant remember it.

6. Music, by Haydn, one of my favourite composers, can you imagine someone writing 104 symphonies, not to mention loads of other stuff as well, and also knowing and being friends with both Mozart and Beethoven, wow, double wow, triple wow.

7. Yes, back and front of an old LP cover (LP? cant remember? Ask your granny!)


Fundy Blue said...

I like your new header, DR! I know better than to tempt the Universe by setting myself up for anything a month long! Something would swoop in and send me off track immediately! Kuddos to you for going for it. Your dining room is lovely! Have a good weekend!

Mum said...


Love from Mum

Ali said...

Hello Joy I just popped over to say I'm your partner for mad about bags cracker swap. Looking forward to visiting your blog. I have heard of Yes and your kitty looks very similar to ours. Lovely to 'meet' you.
Ali x

Busy Little Chicken said...

My mojo has gone AWOL as well Joy,especially where photography is concerned.... :( I'm hoping to get it back soon, but I love your pics, and I do have so many LP's !!!