Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Calendar, Day 5

For the last couple of years I've joined in with Tracy's (Mad About Bags) Christmas Cracker swap, and this year I was partnered with the lovely Ali (Ali Bee's Creations). The idea is we take an inner tube from a kitchen roll, and fill it with as much as we can, then cover it.

My cracker arrived yesterday, and I set too and opened it straight away. Ali had crocheted a lovely red cover for her cracker.

Having taken off the gorgeous bright red cover, it was then wrapped in gift wrap.

By this time I was getting impatient to get to the goodies inside -

still a bit more unwrapping, and there were all my lovely goodies in front of me.

I find it incredible how much you can get into a kitchen roll inner tube, Ali sent me a bar of chocolate (which sadly is no more!), a cute tree decoration, a tea-light candle shaped as a boot, a tub of Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, a tub of lip balm (which smells divine), a bath bomb, a brightly coloured emery board, a dear little tape measure, a pack of christmas paper chains and a bottle of nail varnish. Thank you so much for this lovely cracker, Ali, and thanks also to Tracy for organising this very popular swap.

I forgot to photograph the cracker that I sent to Ali, but she has now received and opened it, and you can see it here.


Mum said...

Lucky you.
Love from Mum

Busy Little Chicken said...

Gosh Joy, what a lovely lot of pressies!! How did all that get into a kitchen roll tube???? Was it a commercial size roll?? I'm trying to cram things into my kitchen roll for Tracy, but I'm finding it a bit hard....

Lizzy said...

What a lovely selection of gifts!

Tracy said...

What a fab cracker! I'm still working on mine must get my finger out!!

karen said...

What a great swap and a lovely lot of gifts. xx