Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent Calendar Day 6, and my five on five for December

All our overseas Christmas cards are now on their way

I'm joining in with Sandie at itchifingers for the monthly "Five on Five" which you can read about here. The idea is to take as many photos as you can on the fifth of the month during a five minute period, and then select the best five.

I decided to step out into the garden for five minutes yesterday, it was very windy, the sun was shining, but black clouds were heading our way, so I just caught the last of the sunshine. I took about 18 photos and found it quite difficult to pick out the best five. I love the structural nature of plants at this time of the year, it's so easy to stay indoors and dismiss the garden as being "dead", while, in fact, it's only just "resting".

A little bit of moss in amongst fallen leaves



morning glory seed pods

the pergola in the low afternoon sunshine, with my studio window above


Busy Little Chicken said...

Love the moss among the leaves, and do you have blossom out at the moment?? I do have two fushia flowers out, and some lobelia.....bit strange really as we had really bad weather recently....

Tracy said...

These photos just go to prove the garden is still alive -great photos x

Mum said...

Another Christmas job out of the way. Your pictures are lovely.
Love from Mum

karen said...

Good selection. My cards have made it from the house to the car and that is where they have been for the last two days now!!! xx