Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Scavenger Hunt

Thanks once again to Greenthumb for this month's Scavenger Hunt prompts, this is the first one I've completed in a while - to view others (and the December prompts), click here.

1) Gold. My wedding ring, cant take it off now (not that I want too!)

2) 5. A letter to my friend

3) Patterns. On my umbrella

4) Bread. Sliced loaf in the breadbin

5) Happiness. One of the many things that make me happy is my camera

6) Rain. On the outside of the window

7) Traffic. In Horningsham, this was all we saw.

8) Boxes. Box Hill, Surrey

9) Staircase. This building used to be a brewery and is now luxury flats with a new outside staircase.

10) Sunset

11) Park. From last month's archives

12) Pair. My gorgeous granddaughters


karen said...

A lovely selection of photos, love the last one. xx

Amanda Graham said...

A great collection of photos- I love the sunset one and Pair is so cute:)

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of bread, pattern, and staircase. Greenthumb

Louise said...

A nice collection, but the last one for pair is lovely!

Julie said...

I really liked your interpretations. Traffic made me laugh - if only it was like that on my daily commute! And that gorgeous Pair are irresistible! x

Lizzy said...

Lovely photos, like the rain on the window, I had a similar idea, didn't want to get wet!

Sandra said...

Love your photos - that looks a lovely park and your 'pair' are very special! :)

Susan ~ Southern Fascinations said...

Great photos! Lovely grandgirls and a great pair! Thanks for sharing your corner of the much fun to see how the list is interpreted from all over the globe! Smiles..Susan

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a gorgeous pair indeed!

Kezzie said...

Sweet grandchildren. Love the rain shot! X

Fundy Blue said...

I enjoyed your photos, Joy ~ and your granddaughters are darling! I loved your slant on boxes! X

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very clever box; lovely umbrella pattern and that rain just draws me right in.