Thursday, 23 January 2014

22 and 23/365

22. Two pictures for the price of one for yesterday, my lovely car on returning home from Devon

and after we had given the poor thing a wash

23. At last we have finished our christmas jigsaw puzzle, took longer than usual, it was very hard, but we had fun doing it. Next year we'll choose something with slightly less blue in it! (One piece missing and one extra piece! How odd.)


karen said...

Well done on the car wash, just where I am heading, great jigsaw. xx

Chrissys for Cards said...

That jigsaw took some doing. As you say very blue. (I no longer have a blog Joy, but will pop on to see your photos and comment.)

Tracy said...

A clean car is lovely isn't it, unfortunately I don't have one if those very often! How odd that the puzzle had a piece missing and an extra piece. Well done on finishing it though x

Alison said...

That IS a very blue jigsaw, Joy..well done on getting it completed!
Alison xx