Saturday, 4 January 2014

4/365, and responding to blog comments

Thank you to everyone who comments on my blog posts, it is greatly appreciated. I always intend to respond to your comments, but somehow I just dont seem to have the time, I already spend far more time here in Blogland and on Facebook than I guess I should. So, tell me, if you make a comment on my blog, do you ever go back later to see if I've responded? I know I sometimes do, but not that often if I'm honest. I try to comment on a few blogs each day, and if I haven't commented on yours in a while, please accept my apologies, I really do read practically all the posts on practically all of the blogs I follow, so that's quite a lot of reading to be done!

Anyhow, for those of you who take the time to comment on my blogs, I just want you to know I appreciate it, thank you. And I think I'll try, maybe once a week or thereabouts, to reply to your comments on a separate blog post. This is it.

I'm starting on 1st January 2014, and on that day 9 of you were kind enough to comment, to respond to each of you would take a while, so just a quick thanks to all. I really love living in Wiltshire, and even after 5 years here we are still discovering new and lovely places to see and snap. Plus I'm a photoholic so sharing my photos on my blog is a good way for me to make use of them.

On 2nd Jan there were 7 comments about my studio. I spent three whole days between Christmas and New Year giving it a complete blitz. With some help from GM I moved the furniture and equipment around to give me more space, I tidied a lot of stuff that just seemed to be lying around, I reorganised, I cleaned, I threw away some rubbish, I bagged up some stuff for charity shops, and I ended up with a lovely calming space, which I now intend to keep clean, tidy and clutter-free. I do appreciate that I am extremely lucky to have such a great space of my own, I look at it as my reward for raising 4 sons over the course of the last 43+ years while never having anywhere of my own and having to tuck all my stuff in wherever I could find some space. When GM and I were house-hunting back in 2011 one of our highest priorities was to find a house where we could each have our own space without having to sacrifice it when we had family or guests to stay, so now I have my studio and he has his office and we are both happy bunnies.

Yesterday I blogged twice, here and here with 3 comments and 4 comments respectively. I've been a classical music fan for about 12 years now and I really enjoy it when I find something on TV that I can record and then watch at my leisure. And, yes, it was raining outside (as if that's something that's only happening here! I know you're all suffering, wherever you are on this little island of ours, so I'm not going to focus on it any more, nuff said!)

This will be my only blog post for today, so here is picture number 4 of my 365 things to be grateful for, my super-duper kitchen.

As mentioned before, thank you for commenting on my blog, please accept my apologies for not responding individually to your comments, but be assured that I read and appreciate every single one.

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing and whatever the weather.


About JollyJilly said...

Happy new year joy! Love the kitchen I Also got a new kitchen lol lovely isn't it!

Gabriella Buckingham said...

Lovely read Joy. I shall hunt through your blog to find pictures of your new space. Sounds well deserved! x Happy New Year

Kat Pearce said...

I'm off to find the pics of your studio. You certainly deserve your own space after 4boys. I can't wait to have my own again! Loving you new kitchen too, it's gorgeous xxx

Eileen T said...

Hi Joy, if I've asked a question on any blog I always go back to check. Some people respond to my question on their blog, some leave the response in a comment on my own blog and some email me.

I thought your studio was looking different - I don't remember the furniture being where it is in the photo.

I'm enjoying your 365 theme this year - it's a really positive approach.

Chrissys for Cards said...

I re-organised my blog list at the beginning of January and cut right down to follow those I really enjoy reading and those that blog occasionally. I had a fair few that had not done anything for over 6 months and I thought maybe they did not do it anymore. I too try and leave a comment wherever I read, but sometimes I miss a post if I have not been on the computer for a few days, so apologies if I miss any.

Tracy said...

I have to confess that with the amount of blogs that I follow (and I have cut that number down!) I don't always pop back to see if a reply has been left on my comment, unless like Eileen I have asked a specific question.
I tend to reply by email to some comments left on my blog or if they are a no reply blogger I might leave a comment on their latest blog post.
I like your idea of this post though as it encapsulates all those things into one xx

...I am Nora..... said...

mine's a real ale or red wine please!

I quite like your group responses to comments actually....if you could keep that up it would be great (no pressure! ;))

Off to swoon over your studio....oh! and Wiltshire, as I spent alot of my childhood there.

Lots of love for the New Year,
Nora xx

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I never ever go back to read a reply to a comment - mostly because I forget who I commented on by the next time they post - and also it takes too much time to hunt up the comment I made. I reply to those who comment on my page that have an email to reply to - if it says "no comment blogger" I just skip replying to them altogether - as I would then have to go back to the original blog - find their comment and reply - and they probably aren't going to come back and read the reply anyway.

I miss the chance to reply to a lot of comments because they don't click the box in settings that says "show email" - it won't show your email to ANYONE except the person you commented on - so I don't know why people worry about that one - oh well, I reply when it is possible through email - and the rest I just let slide by.

Mum in a Hurry said...

I try to remember to click the box that says email me if anyone replies to my comment but I often forget to do that or only realise after I've posted the comment! I've been rubbish at commenting. Hope to do better this year!

simplyvintage said...

I have to admit that I rarely check back to see if a reply has been made to a comment, as others have said - I really just don't have the time. I do sometimes try and reply to comments on my blog but that is only if I have the time. Once I'm back at work I know that I just won't have that time.

Lotti said...

I do like to go back and comment on people's comments and see who has commented. It is nice to get feed back and feels encouraging.

BadPenny said...

Super kitchen. I like your idea of grateful photographs.

I pop back if I know they are Bloggers who reply to every comment put up.
I occasionally do it but not every post. It's rather nice to reply to a comment. I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment and I don't worry if some of my fav Bloggers rarely visit me as they are so busy... Blogging !

Patricia said...

I don't always have time to go back to read replies I'm afraid but I do try to thank people for their comments to me when I comment on their posts. I do find it hard after a weekend or particularly busy few days when I haven't been into blogger and then I spend a good couple of hours trying to catch up with people and their posts, and feeling guilty if I don't get to read them all. Silly I know, but that's me. While I'm here Joy, thank you for your comment on my last post about me being me, it meant a lot.
Patricia x