Wednesday, 5 February 2014

36/365, and more post

10% through the year already? Goodness me, how time flies.

I love, love, love home-made soup, and potato and leek is my very favourite

This was the pile that I posted out yesterday,

there's a postcard on its way to China, a birthday card for GS2, a welcome to your new home card for a friend, a letter for a virtual friend, and two card orders, one with a note and one with a letter, plus on the far left you can see a letter I received from one of my post circle friends.

I think that makes 9 items of post so far and its only day 4, so I'm well ahead of the game, plus I have another pile ready to go out today, which I'll show tomorrow.


Fundy Blue said...

Hi DR! Your soup looked delicious. It's been very cold here in Colorado, so for the supper the last two nights we've had steaming bowls of homemade soup. There's nothing like homemade soup on a bitter night. Have a good one!

karen said...

I think you must be keeping the Post Office in business with that lot. lol. x