Friday, 7 February 2014


You may have gathered by now that I'm a bit of a stationery-oholic, I love paper, cards, anything at all to do with stationery, including letter writing and receiving. Last Autumn I joined Post-Circle (I won't put a link as its closed now due to massive over-subscription), and was placed in a group with five other ladies, four in UK and one in Australia. We got off to a brisk start with our letter swapping, and then Christmas got in the way, and now we are slowly starting to pick up again. So far this month I've had two letters (I showed one of them briefly here), the second one arrived yesterday, and I just love this colourful notepaper.

I've also sent off more post, here's yesterday's, two brochures, each with notes in, and a postcard to Belarus,

and here is today's waiting to go to the post office, a brochure with a book and a note, a letter to a friend with a quiz sheet enclosed, and a postcard on its way to Ukraine.

Thats 15 items of post sent so far this month, and its only the 7th, so I think I'll have the weekend off, and show you pictures of something else instead. As the sun is shining today I might pop outside and see if the crocuses are opening yet.

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Tracy said...

Lots of post heading out from my home this month too Joy. I hope your crocuses are out to greet you.