Wednesday, 12 February 2014

43/365 more post

A short break from reflections, and back to post. Four items yesterday, although I think cheques to the bank don't really count, so there were two letters to Post Circle friends and a brochure with a letter off to Surrey. So far this month I have sent 14 items of handwritten personal post and today is the twelfth so I'm well on track for one for everyday. If you would like to receive a hand-written letter from me please PM me your address.

Also yesterday I received a letter from my penfriend in Virginia, U.S.A.

which gives me another letter to write before the end of the month.


Miriam said...

Ooo! the pink envelope reminded me that I received mail from you & forgot to thank you!! I have passed on the magazine to a card making friend Joy. x

BadPenny said...

catching up... wonderful reflections photographs x