Tuesday, 25 February 2014

56/365 The Park

I may possibly have mentioned that I really, really love living in Warminster, and the location of our house in said town is practically perfect in every way. We are a short walk from the Market Square (the main shopping area of town), the library, the doctors' surgery, the railway station and all the other services that a rural town provides, and we are almost at the top of a hill, so in no danger of flooding. But the best part is that we are only a couple of hundred yards from the park, through which we can walk to our nearest supermarket.

See the path that climbs the hill? If you follow the road between the gap in the houses at the top, our house is just a short walk away. And now that spring is virtually upon us the daffodils will soon be in full bloom and then the trees will start to leaf, and the park will look wonderful. I am so fortunate, and very grateful to be so.

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Mum said...

Lucky you. Where I live is near to shops, park, dentist, hairdresser, and doctor. Everything is within walking distance.
Love from Mum