Thursday, 27 February 2014

58/365 A new shopping trolley

My 365 this year is loosely titled "things that make me happy and that I am grateful for", and this little beauty makes me ridiculously happy. As you will have seen from my post a couple of days ago, if I walk home from the supermarket through the park I have quite a steep hill to climb, and as my old trolley was wearing out, especially the wheel bearings (making the wheels wobble about in all directions), it was becoming increasingly difficult to haul up the hill. So I have treated myself to a new one. A light, bright new one. A non-granny type one. I love it, and it makes me smile, I cant wait to go shopping with it.

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karen said...

LOL, had a discussion about these the other week with a group (mainly men) they thought they were extinct!!! I got some funny looks as I got carried away describing the new ones on the market. Don't have one purely because of living location, but think they are great. xx