Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Scavenger Hunt

I made quite a good start at the beginning of the month and then lost my way a bit, but I managed to snap most of January's subjects.

1. J is for . . .

2. 1 p.m. That's lunchtime

3. Measurement. That'll be GM making the gravy, then - very scientific

4. Colour. My yarn odds and ends box

5. A corner. My yarn and fabric storage boxes

6. Hats, and 9. A crowd. A crowd of golfers wearing hats (taken from inside my car, hence the smudgy bit at the bottom which is the top of my wing mirror, which I forgot to edit out).

8. Looking down. At hailstones outside the back door.

 10. Natural. A squirrel

 11. Fruit. Orange

12. Roof. Thatched.

Joining in with Greenthumb. To see how others have interpreted the subjects, and to see February's list, please click here.


karen said...

Well done, I never remember the items of the list!! xx

joy said...

I write a list, pin it on my notice board, then just look for one item at a time - makes it easier than trying to remember them all.
joy xx

Sarah Pellew said...

I like your photos what a good idea! x

BadPenny said...

Love this. I tried to keep up with The Scavenger hunt once but failed !

Mairéad said...

Wel done, you managed them all. I really like the squirrel outside your window as we don't get any here.

Cathy said...

Had a little laugh at the name of the house - talk about stating the obvious !
Can anyone join in - I might have a go this month. Will have to do the same as you and pin a list up somewhere handy (and visible) lol
Take care

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Joy! I enJOYed you collection of photos this month! I'm sure I'd get into a snarl in your odds and ends yarn box! I find squirrels so much fun! Thanks for choosing its cute photo!

Julie said...

I'd love to rummage through your fabric and yarn stash! Also liked fruit and the cottage. x

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of, fruit, colour, and joy. I think you forgot to add you link to the scavenger hunt page. Greenthumb.

Kezzie said...

Your lunch looks tasty - what was in the soup? Lucky to catch a squirrel shot- they usually scarper.
I like the golfer hats- it's more authentic keeping the car bit in!x

Earthworms and Marmalade said...

I love your roof picture! Thatched roofs are so cool looking!