Thursday, 13 February 2014

Spread the love blog swap

Back in late December of last year I signed up for Tracy's Send a little love blog swap, and I was partnered with the lovely Linda at Vintage Hearth.

Yesterday the postman delivered me a very soggy, wet box

but thankfully, the contents were still dry.

I had great fun opening up the various little gifts

The lovely red heart-shaped tin contained choc heart-shaped truffles

(oh dear, look, one of them is gone already - naughty postman!)
Actually, I cannot tell a lie, it was me, and they are now all gone, they were yummy, as was the cookie

The other gifts included were some bath smellies (which sadly got slightly damaged in transit, but made the package smell wonderful),

a scented candle

a gorgeous red bracelet

a dear little notebook with really attractive stitchwork on the front

and a mug with a sachet of coffee and a biscuit,

whoops, where's the biscuit gone? That pesky postman again?

Thank you so much Linda, for being a great swap partner. Linda posed me a problem with my gifts to her, as one of the items was "something deliciously edible", which of course for most of us - me included - would probably mean something sweet, but as Linda is diabetic that wasn't an option. So I asked her if she liked cheese, and as she said she did, that was what I bought for her instead, along with these other things

A big Thank You to Tracy for once again organising a lovely swap to make us happy during these last few cold, grey, damp weeks of winter.


Tracy said...

I'm really enjoying seeing all these "send a little love" parcels, what wonderful gifts you received Joy and what a fab idea with the cheese instead of chocolate. thanks for taking part. xxx Hoping to write some snail mail this weekend so will be replying to your letter xx

Issy Goode said...

What a brilliantly generous swap! Both the parcel you sent and received contained so much, how lovely! I would love to take part in one of these, they seem great, lovely way to put a big smile on someone's face :)


Busy Little Chicken said...

Wow, really lovely pressies received and sent!! Looking forward to another swap at some's so nice to receive goodies in the post instead of bills!!! :)

Borqna said...

OMG! Excellent gift!
Just in time!

karen said...

What gorgeous swap gifts. xx

simplyvintage said...

I am so glad you liked your parcel. I loved mine and really enjoyed taking part in the swap. I aim to do a blog post about the swap tomorrow but just want to say a big thank you for being such a thoughtful swap partner. Linda xxx