Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Views from my windows, and Five on the Fifth

I forgot about taking the views from my windows at the beginning of the month, so have taken them today instead. As the conditions are so, so bad (and thats not a typo!) I have taken all photos through glass, except for the back door one, when I braved the elements for a few seconds. As it's also the fifth of the month and conditions are far too dire to venture out, I decided to take a photo in each of the rooms that I took a window view of, so here we have the window views, each one followed by something from that room, so my five on the fifth becomes 6, with apologies to Sandie for slightly breaking the rules.

View through the back door, with snowdrops and crocuses just starting to show

and look at those funny plant support thingies, which we'd quite like to remove, but they are so intertwined with jasmine it will be quite difficult.

View through the kitchen window, with a very soggy bird feeder hanging from the pergola

and an ashtray on the kitchen windowsill, with pegs and paperclips (see if you can guess why they are there).

The view through the lounge window onto a very soggy and unkempt front garden, but also a few daffodils starting to poke their heads above ground.

And in the lounge, on the mantel shelf, our Valentines day cards, we celebrate Valentines Day on 3rd Feb instead of 14th, as that's the day I moved in with the Green Man twenty seven years ago.

The view through the bedroom window onto the spare parking area where we keep our bins and recycle boxes, and currently one of the kitchen bar stools which broke and is waiting to be transported to the tip.

A selection of bottles and potions in the en-suite shower room.

The view through my studio window over the wet rooves of the eastern side of Warminster

and a couple of little plastic containers on my windowsill, one with a conker and another with a stone, just because.

Finally a view of the rather unkempt and soggy garden, taken through the conservatory window

and a trug full of broken egg shells (guesses again?).

So, there you have it, from a wild, windy, wet Wiltshire on Wednesday, my monthly window views combined with 5 6 on the fifth. Linking with Sandie at Itchifingers


karen said...

Great selection and I can't blame you for not going out. It is the same here - horrid. x

Mum said...

It's wet here too. I can't guess about the pegs and paperclips - but are the egg shells to stop slug activity?
Love from Mum

Sandie said...

I love how you made the most of the opportunity to take photos Joy - seeing the snowdrops and daffodils peeking through should remind us that even in the rain and miserable weather there are nice things happening. The ashtray? Pondering on that one but like 'Mum' I'm guessing slug deterrent for the egg shells. I love the conker and stone 'just because' and how you celebrate Valentine's day on the 3rd Feb. The best reason I can think of! Thank you for taking part, I loved this glimpse into your world and look forward to seeing your garden when it is less soggy x

Alison said...

A lovely selection of pics, Joy...even in soggy weather!
Alison xx

Fundy Blue said...

We're a long way from daffodils here. It was great to see your bits of green and gentle rain! Take care!

Starnitesky said...

Some interesting views through your windows! If only the rain would stop so that we can get outside in the garden. I also collect egg shells for slug prevention, (if that's what you do with them)