Sunday, 2 March 2014

61/365 and views from my windows 1st March

61/365 This just happens to be the view from my studio window very early in the morning, I really love it and will never tire of seeing the sun rising over Salisbury Plain

The other monthly views are as follows:
The kitchen, again early in the morning as the sun rises over a very frosty garden

The lounge, GM has been hacking away at the brick pillar, we have lots of daffs almost out, and the grass needs cutting

The bedroom, my car covered in frost

From outside the back door I zoomed in on some Hellebores which are open and some more daffs almost open.

and a zoom on the garden to some more hellebores, and frosty grass which needs cutting.


Fundy Blue said...

I'm enjoying your visual diary, Joy! I would love to see daffodils! I always think of W. Wordsworth's daffodil poem ~ so lovely! Have a good week!

Mum said...

It's still cold but hopefully spring is just around the corner.
Love from Mum

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Joy

I shivered a little bit when I saw your frosty garden and the top of your car ... but then it also brought to mind early morning walks across the fields with my Dad. It was always a special moment!

Just love to see those daffodils popping up a sure sign spring is appearing.

keep well

Amanda x

Wally Mummy said...

There is some Spring out there then! xx