Saturday, 5 April 2014

Five on the fifth for April

I make no apology for once more mentioning the park which is two minutes walk away from my home. It is an ideal place for country-lovers like myself and townies like GM, being very close to town, and bordering a wild-life sanctuary on the banks of the River Wylye. This week the park is having its after-winter spruce-up ready for the Easter holiday season, which is, to all intents and purposes, the start of being outdoors here in UK.

So my five in five for this month were all taken within a five minute period while walking home from the supermarket.

The children's paddling pool is being prepared

Someone obviously couldn't be bothered to walk a few yards to enter the tennis courts, so made a short-cut.

Further along, and the surface moss is being removed

These paddle boats will soon be brought back to the boat-house for a clean-up.

The grass has been cut . . .

. . . all we need now is the sunshine, and the park will be full of folk enjoying themselves.

Five in five is a regular feature, organised by Sandie at itchifingers. Click the link to see the other entries for this month. Thanks Sandie.


helena said...

loved the 'behind the scenes' feel of this batch - the park getting ready for summer

Mum said...

Let's hope the weather warms up.
Love from Mum

Sandie said...

It's lovely to see another side of your park Joy, and I look forward to seeing it once it is prepared and filled with people.

Miriam said...

What a great five, I wonder if you might post them again in the summer? I loved the shortcut to the tennis courts!