Sunday, 20 April 2014

Things that make me happy 106-110/365

106. A beautiful sunny day, and an ice cream in the park

107. A new outfit for my Mum's 90th birthday do (size 14 trousers, yippeeeee)

108. New shoes to go with above

109. A sign right next to a public footpath - walkers beware.

110. A picture of me, drawn by GD1 (I think the squiggles at the top are meant to say "Joy" rather than "cow"!)

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend, although today looks very wet down here in Wiltshire, so it will be indoor jobs all day - hopefully the ever-increasing ironing pile will at long last disappear.


Eileen T said...

Wow, size 14 - well done you. I love Marissa's spelling of 'Joy'!!

Great to see you back blogging again xx

Tracy said...

That last bit about mariisa's drawing made me laugh - bless her x size 14 that's fab well done to you x