Monday, 12 May 2014

Things that make me happy 130-132/365

130. Granddaughter 1's new chair.

We had all been out for lunch at the lovely "Kim's" in Bookham High Street. On the way home we passed one of those old fashioned hardware shops where some of the goods are displayed on the pavement. GD1's other grandmother (Panda Chan) spotted the green plastic chairs and asked GD1 if she would like one. GD1 proudly carried it all the way home, just stopping for a bit of a rest as we passed through the churchyard.

131. Uncle (GO) meets his newest niece (GD3), with Uncle FO, Aunty CH and cousin GD2 keeping a watchful eye on each other.

132. The Birthday Girl GD2, one year old today


Jan said...

Wonderful pictures!

karen said...

Lovely family Joy and beautifully captured. x