Thursday, 5 June 2014

Five on the Fifth, The Epping Ongar Railway

GM and I are post-war baby-boomers, and as such we can both remember from our childhoods the thrill and excitement of steam rail travel. I dont know if all (or any) of our contemporaries feel the same, but we have a certain nostalgic love of those days, and now we take the opportunity to visit a heritage railway whenever we can.

It just so happens that the newest of these is the Epping Ongar Railway. I was born in Epping and lived there until I was 20, then lived in the Ongar area for the next 16 years, but I can honestly say that in all that time I never once travelled on what was at that time an extension of the central line, run by London Underground. You can read a full history of the line here.

However, we recently found ourselves back in Essex on a Sunday morning with a couple of hours to spare, so what better to do than to pay a visit to the EOR. We were too early to see any actual trains running, but we enjoyed an hour or so just mooching around the station.

In the proper spirit of 5 on 5, these photos should have been taken within a five minute period, but, hey ho, rules are there to be bent (sorry Sandie), mine were taken over a leisurely hour on a lazy sunny Sunday morning.

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Sandie said...

You know what Joy - I live near enough to visit easily and still have to go!! My daughter has been a few times and I must add this to my Artists Date list. Like you I love steam trains and take the opportunity to go on one when I can. Thanks for taking part this month and you are excused for the time bending - I'm just happy you are joining in and sharing these wonderful photos. Plus you've given me somewhere else to visit. A great start to this months 5in5!!

Patricia said...

Yes I remember travelling on steam trains back in the day. I loved smell of the mixture of coal and steam that wafted out. I've never been to this particular railway before but will put it on my 'to do list'. Lovely photos.
Patricia x

karen said...

I think trains are just in my blood, as dad was a station master, my cousin is a train driver. My brother, nephew are train fans and my uncles worked on the railway, so I guess it is natural I had a secret love of them as well, but not yet got to visit Bodmin and Wenford which would be our nearest. x

Janice said...

That third photo brings back memories, Joy.
I spent every morning for 5 years with that view waiting for the train to school. Not steam I hasten to add...1971-76.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love steam trains (mainly because my son loved them when he was little). My favorite photo is the one for the "Ladies Waiting Room."