Sunday, 22 June 2014

Things that make me happy, 168-173

168. Meeting up with friends for a long-overdue cuppa and natter at The Rowdey Cow

169. A fuschia in one of the hanging baskets

170. A beautiful sunset

171. Al fresco breakfast

172. Summer Solstice Sunrise

173. Warminster Wobble, a free fun day in the park, devoted to all aspects of cycling


karen said...

I can see why all those things make you happy, great times. xx

Eileen T said...

Did you have a go on anything at the Warminster Wobble?

Fundy Blue said...

There are so many things around us to make us happy, if we would only look! Have a happy day, Joy!

Nana Go-Go said...

Lovely pics, Joy. Thank you for popping over to mind and leaving your comment about 'broken Blogger' which I don't think has been fixed yet. Would you believe it? Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photography.