Thursday, 14 August 2014

5 in 5 on 15th

A little bit late with my 5 in 5 this month, but I have an excuse. I was away. And not only was I away, but on 5th August I was actually spending time with Sandie, whose meme this is. We met up for a couple of hours, had a couple of cuppas and some lovely grub, and Sandie introduced me to a fantastic new shopping experience (I've lived a sheltered life!) in The Range at Lakeside. Thanks Sandie.

I did take some photos while I was there, but I haven't got really got five that are good enough, so what I've done instead is to photograph some of the things I bought on the day, back in my studio, and here they are . . . .

. . . some rolls of Christmas ribbon, a huge book of crafting papers, a smaller pack of gorgeous blue and white papers and a big bag of assorted glitter - Station Harry is going to have so much fun with these.

But, you'll be saying to yourself, that's only four pictures. Well, here's the fifth, a lovely row of bunting, hanging on my bookshelves, made by Sandie and given to me on the same day.

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Sandie said...

Thank you for sharing your photos this month Joy and how lovely to see all your lovely new purchases. A girl can never have enough! lol

The bunting looks lovely over your desk, I'm glad you like it. It was so good to meet you in real person and you are just as I expected. Hoping to see you again in September if all goes to plan.

Eileen T said...

Did you know there is also one of these stores in Bristol? Just an idea for when you run out of supplies!