Saturday, 23 August 2014


Some time ago, I'm guessing it must have been at least three years ago, well before we moved house, a friend sent me a load of baby and child sized hats that her mum had knitted, for me to sell, as at the time I was fund-raising for the WAA

I sold a few, and then, when we moved house, I packed them away and, I'm ashamed to admit, I forgot all about them. Recently, while doing a bit of a decluttering exercise of my knitted items and yarn stash, I came across them again, so I am now going to offer them up for sale under Station Harry's umbrella, so to speak.

Each hat will be available for £3.00, this will include postage and all proceeds will be donated to the WAA. If you see one (or more) that you would like please contact me by the comments box below. Thanks.

no 1. baby size red and white stripe.

no 2. small child size, slightly more pink than picture shows, a sort of heathery colour.

no 3. small child size, pink, cerise, cream stripes

no 4. small child size, purple with random stripes

no 5. small child size, turquoise, cable stitch

I have another 24 hats altogether, and will list them six at a time as I go through the box and photograph them. As mentioned above, price is £3.00 each and all proceeds, after postage cost, will be donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

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