Monday, 25 August 2014

Potatoes . .

. .  are my all-time favourite food, cooked anyway you like, hot or cold, I love 'em all. And, I've discovered a magic trick you can perform with them, too. Firstly, you take one potato,

which you put into some soil in a growbag just outside the back door,

then leave it for five or six months (obv. spring/summer months!), and Hey Presto, you empty out the bag and hopefully you will have lots of potatoes - I had twelve. OK, a couple of them are still very small, so if I had left them a couple more weeks they might have grown a bit larger, but, heyho, I'm not greedy.

Really looking forward to eating these, just boiled, with lots of butter and some mint sauce.


KC'sCourt! said...

I've done that too! Its great fun!
Julie xxxxx

Hannah Brooker said...

I'm going to do that next year instead if buying lots if seed potatoes!