Monday, 27 October 2014

1000 blog posts, time for a giveaway

I started blogging in January 2010, almost 5 years ago, and I've had a love/hate relationship with ever since. Most of the time I love blogger and blogging, but every now and again I just find I CBA, especially when plays up, which it does every now and again.

Back in the early days I used to get lots of comments on my blog, but these days I hardly get any. Is that because no-one reads my rantings any more? Or is it just that we all follow so many blogs there simply isn't the time to comment on them? I would be interested to know.

In order to see who reads this I'm going to celebrate 1000 blog posts by hosting a give-away. I haven't yet decided what I shall give away, but it may include chocolate and will probably also include stationery of some description and anything else I can find lying around in the studio. To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is say something to me, anything, in the comments box below, before the end of October. The winner will be picked on Saturday 1st November, by which time I might have decided what to give.

Good luck to all who enter here, and thanks for reading and for following me over the past five years,

Joy x x x


Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
I do sympathise - I don't think people are stopping reading blogs, but, if like me, you are following lots, commenting on them all would take most of the day! I am definitely reading them all but don't necessarily comment unless I have something useful/relevant/interesting to say! Congratulations on 1000 posts!
Best wishes

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Joy
Incredible 5 years and 1000 posts...very well done!!!!
In my case it is definitely lack of time! During the academic year I am super busy and I have so very little time. I have to fight to get some quality time to crochet and blog. There have been times when I have considered giving it up but I enjoy it so much I don't want to!!! I certainly don't comment as much as I would like to but I do read posts yours included. I usually read them on my ipad when I have a break between classes.
Did I see the word chocolate mentioned??? OK! I certainly would like to participate in your giveaway please :-)

keep well

Amanda x

Hannah Brooker said...

I know I don't comment often, but it's the sane across all blogs. I virtually get no comments at all anymore but I'm sure people still read. I do see many blogs with lots comments so I guess I just don't get myself out there anymore I'm on a blog break as it is, but yes still reading! Xxx

moonstruckcreations said...

Wow - a 1,000 posts that's amazing!

A giveaway with chocolate, and other treats...please may my name be entered into the hat?


Jan said...

I don't comment often, but I do read the blogs I follow everyday. I don't get a lot of comments on my blog, but I feel like people are reading. Congratulations on 1000 posts!

Eileen T said...

I think the lack of comments is simply down to lack of time. That's definitely the one of the reason I don't comment as often, the second reason being that Blogger quite often plays up and 'loses' my comment!

karen said...

As you know I haven't been blogging for a while due to over load of things etc. But have decided to make it part of my 'me time' in order to stop the work load taking over again. lol. I do still read blogs.


Patricia said...

Congratulations Joy. I agree with some of your other commenters, time is of the essence. I do read the blogs I'm following but simply don't get the time to comment on them all. A blogging friend who has the same problem recently suggested commenting on every other post. Some bloggers post practically every day and it's just too often to comment. As far as replying to comments I'm afraid it's the same. It's a shame there isn't a "like" button that you can press as on Facebook, to let people know their comments have been read. P x

Crafts @ Home said...

Did someone mention chocolate? Well that woke me up.... Congratulations, 5 years and 1000 posts is a real call for celebration. For me personally, Blogger is the problem, not us! I get so frustrated spending time trying to do a post and then it failing! I can no longer even access my blog from my main computer, but my new tablet has saved the day. Not o my can I blog again, but I can comment too!