Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 in 5 on 5

As usual, I am late this month with Sandie's challenge of posting 5 photos taken in 5 minutes. I realize now that I dont actually have to take them on the 5th, just post them on the 5th, so maybe next month I'll make it on time.

GO and EG moved a couple of weeks ago from the middle of no-where in North Wilts to Chippenham, to be closer to EG's new job, which she starts later this month. On Sunday we went up to see their new home and to take them out to lunch. I didn't take any photos in their home, as they are still in the process of unpacking, so instead these shots were taken in, and outside of, Bridge House, Chippenham's branch of the great Wetherspoons chain.

The view from my seat, across the River Avon

My drink, half a pint of Doom Bar, lovely stuff, with the top of GO's head in the background.

Across the river again, taken from just outside the front door.

Zooming in to the silver birch on the bank.

A guard dog, left in charge of an invalid carriage parked outside the front door

Thanks again to Sandie for hosting this challenge. To join in and/or view others please click the highlighted link above.


Sandie said...

Thanks for joining in again Joy and can I just mention that you do not have to post your photos ON the 5th so you are not late! lol

You can post your photos anytime between 5th and 25th of each month, as I tried to take away the pressure of deadlines as I know we are all so busy. I post mine on the 5th as this is the start of a new month but please feel free to join in anytime, I hope that makes it easier for you. Perhaps I need to revisit my instructions as they may be unclear.... xx

That aside, I love the new Wetherspoons, what a wonderful view. I must remember that if I am down your way another time. Hope your son and family settle in and like their new home.

joy said...

It's really the challenge to myself to both take them and post them on 5th of each month, rather than your instructions being unclear, Sandie xx

Ellie said...

Hi Joy, what a lovely place to photograph.
I'm just back from my holiday, we had a great time! Now I must try and get into blogging much more often :)