Friday, 31 October 2014

A walk round the lake

Yesterday started off a bit misty and dull, but later on the mist and grey cloud cleared, and the afternoon was really lovely - and warm too. Almost too warm for the end of October, but then I mustn't complain, cooler weather is forecast for next week. GM and I had had a bit of a lazy morning, so when he suggested a walk around the lake I jumped at the opportunity, as at this time of year we never know when another chance might come. (Having said that, the forecast for today is pretty good, too.)

It's not far from our house to the park, about 150 metres to the top of the hill, there are two paths down, we chose the one furthest from town. This is the view that greeted us.

The path runs off to the left of the above picture, and we are soon at the bottom of the hill, we just have to walk around to the brick pillar, which is the park entrance.

A slow meander round the lake for us. It's half term holiday week, there are children in the playpark, which we can hear, but not see, and various other people are dog walking, bird watching or feeding the ducks - however the park is large and never feels crowded. There are still a couple of pleasure boats tied up on the island, which seem to have been taken over by gulls.

GM wonders how many more times I'm going to stop to take photos, so I tell him to  keep walking and I'll catch him up.

There is a putting green, although we don't often see it in use. It's very colourful at the moment.

Back along the other side of the lake, there is a heron sitting in the shade of the trees on the island, but he moves off as soon as I point the camera in his direction.

GM spots some steps, which dont actually lead anywhere now apart from up just so far and then stop, but we surmise that at one time they probably led up to the grounds of the old East End House.

We climb the steps anyway, and then walk across the grass back to the path where we first came in at the top of the hill. I love walking through fallen leaves, although these were a bit damp, not really dry and crisp enough to kick about.

A very pleasant way to pass the odd half hour on a late October afternoon.

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Skye said...

What an idyllic spot. Particularly like the first photo. It looks so peaceful and calm, a lovely place for a nice stroll.