Thursday, 2 October 2014

Happy Days 269-273/365

Well it seems just lately that real life keeps on getting in the way of blogging! My new venture, Station Harry is up and running, please click to read (and hopefully follow?) my new blog. Several of my tag-making and card-making kits have been sent to reviewers, I've had lots of verbal feedback - all good - and I'm waiting for some written reviews with photos, which I'll post as soon as I receive them. In the mean time here are some more of my "things that make me happy" photos to bring us up to the end of September.

270. My friend Sandie (itchifingers) was recently visiting Wiltshire with her husband, we did actually meet up for a lovely lunch at The Rose and Crown in Worton but as both the food and the conversation were excellent, cameras, as usual, were completely forgotten by both parties. However, Sandie did give me a gift, something I've been wanting for a while but just never got round to buying - my first alphabet stamp set.

271. Earlier this year, I think it was probably mid-late May, I bought some fabric to make new curtains for our bedroom. I eventually got started on them a month or so ago but progress has been slow. The rufflette tape has, at long last, been stitched in position and now all that's left to do is hand-stitch the finish length - watch this space.

272. A lovely surprise of a book of scrap-book papers from my pen-friend in Bristol, together with a recent Lidl purchase of coloured paper and envelopes to add to my stationery collection.

273 and 274. GO and EG called in to see us a few days ago on their way home from Cornwall, they gave us a jar of chutney, which is yummy

and some cider (I didn't actually try any of this, but I am assured by those who did that it was lovely)

So now I am at least up to date to the end of September.

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Sandie said...

Great photos Joy and glad you have finished your curtains. I have an 2 empty scrumpy bottles like that - I own up to drinking some of it!! lol
It was good to see you on our visit and glad you like the stamps.