Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Days 286/365, and my first Christmas swap

286. The sun desperately trying to shine through the early morning mist (I hasten to add that this was yesterday, I think it's having a stay-in-bed day today!).

Now that we are almost halfway through October, I think it's OK to start thinking about Christmas, don't you? With that thought in mind I have joined in with Kimberley's "Send us Christmas". This is an international swap, as Kimberley is in New Zealand, however she has said she will try to arrange own country swaps if she can, so why not pop over to her blog Creative Chaos and have a looksee.

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Busy Little Chicken said...

Definitely looks like a stay in bed day Joy!! Have popped over to Creative Chaos and added my name! I have been paired up with Kimberley before on a different swap, and she sent some lovely goodies! :)