Thursday, 23 October 2014

Happy Days 290-294/365, and another swap

290. GM and I went to the dentist, then we drove up to the top of Westbury Hill to eat our picnic lunch and watch the weather approaching

291. Spiders web

292. Usually in the morning, especially if it's a sunny day, I open the door between the conservatory and the dining room, in order to make use of the heat. However, on this particular morning I forgot until after lunch, when I eventually opened the door and went in, my glasses steamed up!

293. I've started on another blanket, for GO and EG

294. Another enjoyable ironing session while watching the wonderful Paul Lewis in his 2010 prom performance of Beethoven's third piano concerto.

And I promised another swap, this time it's the Annual Christmas Cracker swap which you can find over at Mad About Bags. This swap is always great fun, do pop over and sign up - I have.

Lastly, I would really appreciate it if you would pop along and visit my other blog Station Harry, with Fab Rick and the Yarnbirds and perhaps follow me? Thank you x x

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Sandie said...

What a wonderful view and I like the idea of a Christmas cracker swap. Sounds fun.