Saturday, 25 October 2014

Happy Days 295-297/365, and a new word

295. I love to read in bed most evenings, (this makes me a librocubicularist, I recently discovered from Eileen's blog) and just lately I've been re-reading selected books from our vast collection of Agatha Christie paperbacks. This is the one I'm currently reading, and it's one I dont think I've read before. (Look at the price - that's 17.5p in new money!)

296. We still have nasturtiums flowering in the garden

297. I have always had a huge love for shoes, although these days they have to be flat, and comfortable, and preferably not too expensive, so at the reduced price of £7.00 my latest acquisition fits all three requirements.

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Fundy Blue said...

I love to read in bed, too, Joy! And your nasturtiums are lovely. My grandmother always had them growing in her garden. Have a happy Sunday!